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Beautiful hair is beauty in you.

Robert's is all about you and your hair.

Color Her Confident

Make your celebrity blonde pop! Ultra blondes need flawless shine, dimension and low lights shadowing. Choose the right professional to create this vibrant color for you. When fulfilling a request for your dynamic color, Robert's of course has a team of color professionals, considered to be some of the best in the industry. Not only do we have a gorgeous salon that will cater to your every need, we will also make you look and feel great!

Roba O'Connor Reds are the new Sexy! Not only are they sexy, but they get you noticed, whether by your boyfriend or your 'want to be' girlfriends or that boss in the work place. However, reds can be tricky, so be sure to pick the right colorist who knows how to choose your color pallet. Not only can a red be powerful but it can be a real dud if it's not the right color for your complexion. Robert Ault is one of the best colorists and will create the right rich hue to suit your personality.

With our Modern Color Collection: Bold Blonds, Vibrant Reds, Beautiful Brunette's we take color and create shading to make your Color Pop. You can rest assured that you will love your hair color knowing you have the best color professional in the industry.

Hydrolyzed Human Hair Keratin Enriched Formulas

Hydrolyzed human hair keratin proteins are enriched formulated for use on human hair. You are not a sheep, you are not a plant and neither is your hair. Your hair needs all the proteins that are in hydrolyzed human keratin proteins. Plant Proteins or Animal proteins just do not have what your hair needs. So why do hair products have them and why does a salon use them on you? Because they are cheap.

Human Hair Keratin Proteins are safe for you and the environment. They also cost more but they are worth it. So for that exciting new you, get the expert edge, only at Robert's of course.

Let's Talk Hair Sprays

Not all Hair Spray is the same. If you are looking for a Hairspray that will hold a style even in a windstorm, you're looking for Kenra Hair Spray. Kenra has many types of spray to help you along in your styling performance. Level 6 is for blowing and setting your hair and will leave your hair movable. Whereas a level 16 will hold your style in though a windstorm and not build up on your hair. Just ask our team about what hair spray would be good for you. They will be happy to answer any question you may have.

Kenra Hair Spray will hold a style even in a windstorm!


Other Tips

long brown hair
Show diversity that comes with using extensions. Instead of adding lowlites, you can put in extensions in the same pattern or placement where you would place color.

It doesn't matter the trends, make decisions based on the facial features!

Healthy locks can exist at long lengths. With long hair, it takes a bit more time for natural oils to reach and condition the ends.

Hair is the ultimate accessory so we want the style to complement the rest of their look.